Eye care solution

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Good eye care should help prevent problems with watery eyes and reduce itching, irritation or mild inflammation of the lachrymal duct. This natural care will ensure a gentle cleansing.
Natural cleansing solution for the ocular sphere, the eye area and the eyelids. Improves tear drainage and overflow in the lower eyelid to prevent blackish-brown hair coloring. Eliminates dust, debris, crusts and secretions which may cause irritation. Makes it easier to clean stained hair around the eyes. Helps reduce bad odors. Gently refreshes the eye area for in-depth eye care.  Our bottles have a long cap for better control during application.


Keep your furry friend looking and feeling his or her best with these eye and face care wipes. The wipes remove saliva stains, dirt and debris and help prevent discoloration from tear stains. Keep your pooch clean and comfortable. This product is formulated to gently remove saliva stains, dirt and debris. The wipes also help prevent discoloration from tear stains.

  • For adult dogs
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Helps prevent discoloration from tear stains
  • Gently removes saliva stains, dirt and debris
  • Gently wipe stained area below the eyes; repeat daily for best results




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240ml, 60ml


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