Shampoo with Divine sent (concentrated formula)

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A real shampoo that lathers and takes care of dog’s skin! This natural shampoo is made from plant extracts that gently cleanses your pet’s coat. The basic ingredient of our shampoo is made of ALLANTOIN which is internationally recognized in the cosmetic industry. Allantoin is a natural ingredient coming from plants that promotes cell regeneration for exposed and attacked skin by outside elements. It promotes healing, softening and soothing of the skin. Ideal for dogs with dry skins problems. We
also have a hypoallergenic version for those who are allergic to the fragrances.

As a dog or cat owner we know that you are looking for the best.

Are you looking for a shampoo that foam, that makes the hair soft and that emits a pleasant sent of cleanliness.  A shampoo designed with natural source ingredients that are safe for your pet. The basic formula of our shampoo consists of ALLANTOIN, an ingredient recognized for several years in the world of cosmetics. Allantoin is a natural herbal ingredient that promotes the cellular regeneration of exposed skin under the influence of external elements. It promotes the healing of the skin, softens and soothes it. This shampoo is ideal for dogs or cats who have dry skin problems.

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240ml, 4 litres


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