Odour neutralising shampoo

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This skunk odour neutralizer eliminates the bad smell as soon as it is sprayed on the animal. It leaves a scent of freshness and cleanliness without bothering you with a too persistent smell.

Our shampoo neutralises bad odours and skunk odours. This special KuddlyDoo formulation is gentle on the skin and can be used at short intervals. The odour neutralising shampoo completely removes skunk odour or any other odour your pet may have on his skin. or any other smell your pet may have on him. It is recommended that you use the spray version of the odour neutraliser to prevent skunk smell from from permeating your furniture and fabrics. It can also be used on the animal if the smell persists. Also available, our handy DUO box in a small format that contains the shampoo (60ML) and the neutralizer (60ML) for the house, the cottage or in your travel kit. Follow the instructions for maximum performance.

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240ml, 4 litres, 4 litres


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